“Walk with me and work with me—watch how I do it. Learn the unforced rhythms of grace. Keep company with me and you’ll learn to live freely and lightly.”

Jesus’ invitation to ‘follow me’ is as relevant today as it’s ever been.


Two-thousand years have passed, but we still believe that Jesus has the best information on what a flourishing human life looks like.

The Apprentice Track is an invitation for younger leaders to take the next step in their apprenticeship to Jesus, as we take a year to learn some of the key practices that Jesus models in his own life. This requires a complete rewiring, as we take seriously the blueprint for life that Jesus has given us.


This will look like committing to a way of life, with prayer, scripture reading, sabbath and community at the heart of it. We’ll be digging in to topics such as identity, calling, exploring our past, and relationships. 

This is about transformation. We believe that as we create space to be present with Jesus and one another we will be changed in to his likeness and enabled to do the things that he did. 

So what does this all actually mean?

To be on the Apprentice Track means committing to a simple rule of life, which we have broken down in to daily, weekly,
monthly and annual practices. This is for anyone aged 18-30 - whether you are a student, working,
or not sure what’s next - this is open to you!



We want to learn to spend every day in the presence of God. This is why we are committing to three anchor points of connection with Him throughout our day. Before we turn on our phones, we are going to spend half an hour with God - sitting with Jesus, reading through through the Bible in a year, and praying through the Psalms. We’ll stop at midday to pray through the Lord’s Prayer, and in the evening we’ll look over the day as we pray the prayer of examen.




It was never God’s intention for us to go on this journey alone! We were created to live in community. Every week we will have a meal in our formation group where we’ll discuss how the rule of life is going, and break down in to smaller groups to share more deeply.

We will also commit to the practice of Sabbath, taking a full uninterrupted 24 hours period every week to stop, delight and worship.




One Saturday every month we will create an extended amount of time with the purpose of being in God’s presence together and receiving in depth teaching on the way of Jesus.

We will teach into the heart behind the spiritual disciplines, and will spend time discussing topics such as identity, calling and relationships.




Throughout the year we will create opportunities to dig even deeper into the conversation of apprenticing ourselves to Jesus. We will have two retreats within the programme, including a weekend away in the Spring.


The cost of signing up for this year long programme is £200. This contributes towards the running of the monthly gatherings and
the retreats that run during the year. Bursaries are available for those unable to pay the full cost. 

We expect those who sign up to be present at all of our monthly gatherings -
if you know you are unable to make more than one of these then this cycle of the Apprentice Track is not for you.

Meet the team

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Ruth Lee

Apprentice Engagement Facilitator


Grace Gilmour-Jones

YLC Operations and Programme Co-ordinator


Duncan Dean

Apprentice Formation Facilitator


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